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Today, we are living in a world that is ruled by the creative folks! 
This is an era where creativity speaks for itself- where creativity comes not just in one aspect of life but in any way, in any kind of profession! Thinking and being creative in itself is a profession these days. As efficient leaders, we must be able to creatively engage the team and move forward with the task tackling each member of the team well. There is not just a little, but a lot creativity in every field like mentioned above.
 There is a lot of scope for those who are able to think out of the box. A team consists of varied kinds of people. It consists of people who are calm, people who are not very calm and quite, people who can talk fluently and those who cannot express themselves that effectively. 
As a potential leader, one must know to handle each person and make sure that the work is equally and effectively done and completed. Everything requires creativity. Being creative is an art- it a talent to be able to think spontaneously and with a lot of wit. 
Creativity is that ability to produce something out of our imagination- something that goes up there in the mind and later evolves to being reality by the actions we decide to take. This is creativity. However, let us all warn ourselves that with great creativity comes great responsibilities and risks of its own. 
Creativity will ensure that there is a lot of spirit and life built and there is a lot of vibe that is essential for our own growth as well as the growth of others around us. We must be able to use our talents and acquired skills on certain things that mean something to us so that there is a touch of creativity in everything that we do- for ourselves as well as others.
Imagination is a beautiful thing. It is as beautiful as a red rose in a garden. It is to be developed and grown with a lot of patience and love. There must be a lot of passion and enthusiasm to all the things that we wish to do. This will ensure that the creativity that we put into our work is in fact extraordinary!
As good and effective leaders, we must always remember to motivate and promote good talents and creativity and never shut them down. The foremost thing that a good leader does is analyse and understand the creative side of his/her team members and allow them or motivate them to work accordingly. 
Someone may be excellent in writing but may not be able to express well through speaking and likewise, someone maybe amazing with speaking but may not have a flair for writing. All these are different levels of creativity in different people. We all must realise and analyse our creative side and use it to grow and help grow!
In order to spark creativity of the team, leaders may try following activities :
1. Have an hour in a week dedicated for creative things like painting, drawing, doodling, etc
2. Ask people to come up with creative and crazy solutions for pertinent problems
3. Relaxation sessions for team members
4. Introduce topics like 6 Thinking hats, creative thinking, creative visualization etc
5. Tell 2-3 minutes short stories, listen to stories.
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