Do Indians have poor SOFT - SKILLS?

 We share the  most ignored yet a crucial element of professional success - Soft Skills.

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As the word suggests, it is a SOFT skill - When it comes to  employment, employees are judged based on Knowledge, Skills and Attitude. Most of the times, knowledge opens you the door to enter the corporate world, but the soft skills increase your chances of promotions, salary hikes and recognitions and customer experiences. Soft skills are personal attributes that enhance  quality of work, job performance and visibility. Unlike hard skills, soft skills are measured by the FEEL factor.

What are the major Soft Skills needed to succeed in a corporate world?

1) Work Ethic

 Work Ethic is defined as a set of moral principles. This is an important aspect of SOFT skills. Going to office on time, completion of activity with limited supervision, dressing appropriately are some of the examples of work ethic. Good work ethics improve your visibility and trust factor in employers.

2) Communication - the most important Soft Skills ?

One of the most important soft skills, the much sought after skill by all training managers and business managers is communication skills. It is an important soft skill for career success. A good communicator is always in demand. ALWAYS. A good communicator at work increases customer satisfaction scores , brings clarity and understanding of business requirement. These Skills  can be learned and improved with the right training. It is important to focus on your communication skills if you want to be get hired, get promoted or even to get recognition. 

3) Teamwork - Is this a Soft Skill? 

Would you be interested to work with some one who is a constant trouble maker in the team. Definitely NOT. The ability to gel well in a team is an important soft skill. Some employees may naturally feel comfortable working within a group, while others may have problems and prefer to work alone. We, at CCL, have conducted umpteen number of team building workshops for large organizations because they know the importance of team building . A great team can produce great results. Team as we know , is a collection of individual working for a common purpose. 

4) Problem Solving - Is this a Soft Skill?

Managers hate problems and problem makers. At the same time, they love problem solvers. This is an important soft skill - for all levels of employees. We all face problems all the time, what differentiates success  and failures is the ability to go beyond the problems . Problem Solving is an attitude . Problem Solving is a vital skill required in the corporate world. Problem Solving skills help us the see problems as opportunities for business success.

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